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Jingle Bells | Jesus Christ (Redeemed) | Jaago Music

Jingle Bells | Jesus Christ (Redeemed)

Oh The World Is Lost
As Satan Has His Way
Blinding Us With Myths That Cost
Our Lord His Special Day
Let's Give It Back To Him
No Santa, Snow Or Tree
Only Christ Our Lord And King
Was Born To Set Us Free
Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ
Was Born For You And Me
To Save Us All From Sin He Came
That We Might All Be Free... Hey
Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ
Was Born For You And Me
To Save Us All From Sin He Came
And Bought Our Victory
Oh You Little Ones
Let's Correct What's Wrong
Tell The World And Teach For Once
This Real Christmas Song
Jesus Is The Way
The Truth, The Life He Is
No Matter What All Do Or Say
Let's Sing This Song For Him
Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ...

Jingle Bells | Jesus Christ (Redeemed) | Jaago Music

Song Writer- Leo Salins

Featured singers- Sarisha David, Svanik David, Pastor Akashdeep, Balaji Kumar, Dr. Sushant David, Dr. Aradhana David, Aadnya Aaditya Raj, Aingeala Beatrice, Isaac Das, Pastor Jabesh Das, Princy Netam, Monika Ravikumar

Main vocals- Pastor Akashdeep, Balaji Kumar, Princy Netam

Backings- Monika Ravikumar, Pastor Jabesh Das, Dr. Sushant David, Sarisha David, Dr. Aradhana David

Jingle Bells (Redeemed) is a re-written song of the Jingle Bells we have been singing as kids, this lyrics talks about how the world is lost in sins and denial, how we have given the Santa, trees and the gifts more importance than the real gift we received on that Holy night. Christ was born so we could be set free, so that we may have victory and walk in His path as His children. As you give and receive gifts this Christmas we pray that continue to share Jesus to all your friends and families, so that together we’ll celebrate CHRIST this Christmas.



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