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God You are great and glorious (Pause for a moment)

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God, You are great and glorious Lyrics

Pause for a moment, 
take a deep breath and look
Consider what the Lord has done for us.
Sing with the angels who sing eternally,
And raise the loudest shout you ever could.
God has come to deliver,
He has come to save;
Out of His great love for us,
This salvation came!
God, You are great and glorious!
Lord, You amaze, so marvelous!
Lofty, so high, yet dwelling among us,
And God we want to sing for You always.
Love was awaited in all of history,
And everybody feared a wrathful God;
For generations, we've tried to appease God,
When nothing worked, then His own Son He sent.

God You are great and glorious.

Pause (God You Are Great) Sheldon Bangera


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