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Laut Aaya Hoon | Jaago Music

Laut Aaya Hoon Lyrics

लौट आया हूँ, मुझे छू ले 
भेंट लाया हूँ, कबूल ले -2 
ज़िन्दगी में, था अँधेरा 
अब तू आया, न सवेरा -2 
लौट आया हूँ मैं, तेरे चरणों पे 
रख दिया है ये दिल, तेरे क़दमों पे -2 
पास तेरे ही, सुकूं है 
तुझको पाने का जुनूं है -2 
ज़िन्दगी में, कोई डर नहीं है 
जब साथ मेरे, हरदम तू ही है -2 
लौट आया हूँ मैं, तेरे चरणों पे…
Laut Aaya Hoon
Mujhe Choo Le
Bhent Laya Hoon
Kabool Le -2 
Zindagi Me
Tha Andhera 
Ab Tu Aaya 
Ban Savera -2 
Laut Aaya Hoon Main 
Tere Charnon Pe
Rakh Diya Hai Ye Dil 
Tere Kadmon Pe -2 
Paas Tere Hi
Sukoon Hai
Tujh Ko Paane Ka
Junoon Hai -2 
Zindagi Me
Koi Dar Nahin Hai
Jab Saath Mere
Har Dam Tu Hi Hai -2 
Laut Aaya Hoon Main...

Laut Aaya Hoon | Jaago Music

LAUT | Jaago Music ft. Sheldon Bangera, Praneet Calvin, Yashvika Srivastava

Composed by Daniel Joseph & Shifa Joseph

Written by Daniel Joseph & Emmanuel Joseph

Modified by Sheldon Bangera.

“Returning to the Lord” is the theme of this song from the Together project. Written by Daniel Joseph and Emmanuel Joseph, the song narrates how the singer has returned to Christ and is enjoying the joy of salvation. The singer goes on to say how his life was in the darkness but the love of God brought him to the light of dawn. So, he ultimately declares to lay down his heart at the feet of God. He now understands that peace can only be found in God and He craves passionately to know Him more. As Jesus is with him now, he is no longer afraid.



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