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Daya Beh Rahi Hai (Ibadat Ki Aisi Fiza Lag Rahi Hai)

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Daya Beh Rahi Hai Lyrics (Ibadat Ki Aisi Fiza Lag Rahi Hai Lyrics)

इबादत की ऐसी फिज़ा लग रही है 
बदन में मसीह की शिफा लग रही है -2 
रब की हुजूरी में लगता है ऐसे -2 
बाग़-ए-अदन की हवा लग रही है 
दया बह रही है -2 
शिफा बह रही है -2 
बंधन टूट रहे हैं -3
कैदी छूट रहे हैं 
दया बह रही है
शिफा बह रही है
धन्यवाद धन्यवाद -3 
वो मेरी कश्ती बचाने है आया 
पानी पे मुझको चलाने है आया -2 
करता हूँ मैं आज, शुक-ए-ख़ुदावंद -2 
मैं मुर्दा था मुझको, जिलाने है आया -2 
दया बह रही है 
शिफा बह रही है -2 
बंधन टूट गए हैं -2 
कैदी छूट गए हैं 
आनंद आ गया है 
ख़ुशी आ गई है 
दया बह रही है -4 
Ibadat Ki Aisi Fiza Lag Rahi Hai
Badan Me Masih Ki Shifa Lag Rahi Hai -2
Rab Ki Huzuri Me Lagta Hai Aise -2
Baag-E-Adan Ki Hawa Lag Rahi Hai
Daya Beh Rahi Hai -2
Shifa Beh Rahi Hai -2
Bandhan Toot Rahe Hain -3 
Kaidi Chhoot Rahe Hain 
Daya Beh Rahi Hai 
Shifa Beh Rahi Hai
Dhanyawad Dhanyawad -3
Wo Meri Kashti Bachane Hai Aaya
Pani Pe Mujhko Chalane Hai Aay -2 
Karta Hun Main Aaj, Shukr-E-Khudawand -2 
Main Murda Tha Mujhko, Jilaane Hai Aaya -2 
Daya Beh Rahi Hai
Shifa Beh Rahi Hai -2
Bandhan Toot Gaye Hain -2
Kaidi Chhoot Gaye Hain 
Anand Aa Gaya Hai 
Khushi Aa Gayi Hai 
Daya Beh Rahi Hai -4

Daya Beh Rahi Hai (Ibadat Ki Aisi Fiza Lag Rahi Hai) | Anil Kant

Song written, composed and Sung by Pastor Anil Kant

Daya Beh Rahi Hai” is a beautiful song by Pastor Anil Kant that vividly illustrates the concept of God’s grace flowing like a river into the lives of those who surrender themselves to the Lord. The song captures the transformative power of God’s love and the impact it has on believers, bringing healing, deliverance, and creating an atmosphere of worship.

The lyrics of the song metaphorically depict God’s mercy and grace as a flowing river that brings life and renewal to all who receive it. Just as a river provides sustenance and refreshment to the land it flows through, God’s grace nourishes and rejuvenates the lives of His followers. This imagery resonates with the idea that when we surrender ourselves to the Lord, we open ourselves to the abundance of His blessings.

A relevant Bible verse that aligns with the message of the song is John 7:38 (NIV): “Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”

This verse, spoken by Jesus, refers to the Holy Spirit’s presence in the lives of believers. It conveys the idea that those who believe in Jesus will experience a continuous flow of spiritual blessings and transformation through the Holy Spirit. This verse beautifully echoes the theme of “Daya Beh Rahi Hai,” where God’s grace is depicted as a river of living water that brings life and blessings to those who surrender to Him.

“Daya Beh Rahi Hai” is a powerful song that not only carries a message of God’s grace and mercy but also ministers healing, deliverance, and an environment of worship. It encourages believers to open their hearts to God’s transformative love and experience the abundant life He offers through a surrendered relationship.

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